Campaigns of Faith in Texas

Faith in Texas is a multi-racial, multi-faith movement for the common good. Our issue platform comes from deep listening in our member congregations and research led by our volunteer leaders. 

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The Faith in Texas Education Campaign is helping to build strong schools through faith based organizing across racial and economic divides.  We are building a team of teachers and community members who are passionate about education. The education team is made of up people who are taking initiative not only to be informed about education issues and policy but who are actively seeking to be engaged in helping shape the future of education in Dallas and in Texas. We partner with other with other non-profits like Commit and TOP in shared racial equity initiatives. At the moment we are working alongside our partners to push for continued funding for Pre-kindergarten accross the state while addressing other emerging education topics. If you are the type of person interested in education and intersested in making a difference, then join us. 


The Live Free campaign is moving a holistic city and county-level strategy to make the Metroplex "ground zero" for police reform. We are moving a set of policy changes that together, make policing more effective, reduce incarceration, and create opportunities for formerly incarcerated people.  This campaign is led by formerly incarcerated people from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, as well as their allies. 

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Faith in Texas' Solidarity Campaign centers around standing in solidarity with the marginalized in our communities. We are part of PICO's National Network and their LA RED network which stands for Liberation, Action, Respect, Equity, and Dignity. We believe that all immigrants deserve true liberation, action from all levels of government, respect, equity of laws that ensure fair and proportional application, and dignity. The solidarity campaign seeks to have communities of faith stand in solidarity with all immigrants and lift up pro-immigrant policies both nationally and locally including affordable housing, licenses, living wage, access to healthcare, education, and fair law enforcement policies. 



Our Moral Economy campaign is for common-sense rules of the economy that put working families on a level playing field. Our priority is challenging laws that leave consumers vulnerable to predatory lending. By December 2016, we want every city council in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to pass municipal ordinances regulating predatory lending. We are also generating over a thousand comments in support of new federal rules against predatory lending by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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This fall, we're holding 10,000 sacred conversations with North Texas voters! Together We Vote congregations make a plan and build a team to achieve 100% voting among eligible citizens in your congregation. You also turn out your members to a Faith in Texas community canvass in September and October.