Faith in Texas is a multi-racial, multi-faith movement for the common good. Our issue platform comes from deep listening in our member congregations and research led by our volunteer leaders. 





The Texas 20/20 VISION

By 2020, our organization of 200 congregations will move over 75,000 people to action. Our Texas 20/20 Vision is for our communities to govern a majority of cities in North Texas, in order to move a multi-racial agenda to end predatory lending, protect immigrant and Muslim families, scale-down mass incarceration, and provide quality public education for all children. Faith in Texas was built for such a time as this. Over half of Texans draw their deepest values and relationships from their faith traditions. To achieve lasting change for working families in Texas, we need people of faith to bring their best values into the public square.




LA RED (Liberation, Action, Respect, Equity, Dignity) organizes immigrants and allies for Liberation, Action, Respect, Equity, and Dignity. Steps towards this include stopping anti-immigrant laws (including laws preventing access to higher education, law enforcement, housing, and healthcare), and ensuring immigrants have and understand their rights. Our Rapid Action Network responds to deportations, hate crimes and targeting of Muslims, immigrants and people of color.




LIVE FREE works to bring an end to mass incarceration, community violence, and the targeting of black, brown and low-income people by our criminal justice system. Steps towards this include passing robust Fair Chance Hiring and Housing policies, passing policies that end arrests for low-level, non-violent misdemeanors, and scaling down mass incarceration in the state of Texas. 



The Moral Economy Campaign works towards an economy that allows every individual and family to thrive, and where no one’s labor or humanity is exploited. Steps towards this include regulatory predatory lending, increasing healthy food access and funding, and protecting equitable access to healthcare. 

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Faith in Texas' Solidarity Campaign centers around standing in solidarity with the marginalized in our communities. We are part of PICO's National Network and their LA RED network which stands for Liberation, Action, Respect, Equity, and Dignity. We believe that all immigrants deserve true liberation, action from all levels of government, respect, equity of laws that ensure fair and proportional application, and dignity. The solidarity campaign seeks to have communities of faith stand in solidarity with all immigrants and lift up pro-immigrant policies both nationally and locally including affordable housing, licenses, living wage, access to healthcare, education, and fair law enforcement policies. 



Faith in Texas wants the faith community to be the largest voting block in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Steps towards this include building a base of 75,000 engaged voters throughout the Metroplex, defending the right to vote as a moral issue, fighting voter suppression, and building broad based public support for fair redistricting. 

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The Education Campaign organizes parents, students, teachers, and allies to provide high quality public education for all students. Steps towards this include universal access to high-quality early childhood education, equitable school funding, community schools’ models, and the implementation of restorative justice practices in our grade schools.