The LA RED Campaign recognizes that there are people and corporations profiting off of the suffering of immigrant families.  Furthermore, immigrant families are constantly under threat of permanent family separation as a result of an antiquated, unjust, racist system focused on criminalizing immigrants. LA RED builds power by bringing together the stories of immigrants and their allies from different backgrounds to change the view of how immigration impacts our lives.



Issue Priorities

LA RED campaign is currently focusing on the following priorities:

  • Developing leadership in Hispanic and other immigrant congregations

  • Equipping immigrant families with preparedness plans in the event of ICE detention or deportation

  • Sharing immigrant stories with other communities to build better understanding of the immigration issue

  • Ending discriminatory immigration laws and policies



Faith in Texas works in close partnership with RITA (Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance), Texas Organizing Project, and Workers Defense Project. Together, these organizations help empower the immigrant community to voice their concerns about key immigration policy and enforcement issues.


Current Initiatives:

  • Faith in Texas, in collaboration with other statewide and national organizations, is building a strategy to repeal SB4, Texas’ anti-sanctuary law, including building a new dominant narrative drawing links between SB4 and broader racial targeting in law enforcement.

  • LA RED is implementing the Family Preparedness Plan in member congregations to help families prepare for the possibility of detention or deportation.

  • Faith in Texas has created a Rapid Action Network to ensure accountability and due process in cases of detention and deportation, and to walk with families through the trauma of detention, deportation, and family separation.