Every day, struggling families in our faith communities are caught in a vicious trap. Seeking a way to meet an emergency need or simply make ends meet, they take out a payday or title loan. Rather than help, the loans trap them in a cycle of debt, with interest and fees often exceeding 700%. More and more of their paycheck goes towards payments, but the loan is never paid off. Their financial and emotional desperation turns into destitution as they lose their cars, homes, and hope.

In 2014, families in the Dallas region paid over $200 million in fees to payday and title lenders. 155 cars were repossessed a week. As a faith community, we can put an end to this kind of predatory lending. Use the resources below to join us in organizing the faith community to stop the debt trap.

Do you have a story about payday lending or auto title lending? Please click the button below to share your story.  We will pass these stories on to elected officials who can stop this from happening to other people.